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B1675 Miniature DPSS Laser Driver

The Kigre B1675 is a Bluetooth® compatible, miniature driver optimized for the Kigre DPSS family of lasers, including the MK11, MK81, MK82 and MK85. The driver provides 100A square pulses of current (up to 3mS) with typical I/O efficiency of 92%.

Features include reverse input voltage and current protection, under-voltage (UVP) and over-voltage (OVP) protection, and soft-start input current ramp-up for battery applications.

Advanced laser diode protection, external photodiode bias (for pump-current shutoff), and short-circuit output protection are also included.

Power Input 5-34 Vdc (current and power depend on Vin and duty cycle)
Efficiency 92 % typical
Output Current Range 0 - 100 A +/- 1A (adjustable)
Pump Pulsewidth <3.0 mS (photodiode feedback controlled)
Pulse Repetition Rate 0-10Hz
External Fire Input Signal +5V TTL (4 to 30V, 0.5 to 3mS pulse) Optically Isolated Input. Pump current starts on rising edge
Trigger Sync Output Signal +5V, 1mS pulse (>=50 ohm load) Synchronized with Laser Output Pulse
Size (W x D x H) 2.0" x 3.0" x 0.7" (51mm x 76mm x 18mm)
Weight 0.9oz. (25g)
Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C (Operating)
Remote Control Supports external DAQ module for computer control with Kigre LabVIEW software via USB
Bluetooth Enabled YES (Free Android App available from the Google Play Store)