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MK-2 HEEP Microlaser Platform

SS-10Hz, 0.2+mJ, 5ns

Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) High Efficiency End Pumped (HEEP) Laser

"Eye-safe" 1.54 μm diode pumped passively q-switched Erbium glass laser transmitter with no integrated photodiode

Wave Length 1535nm
Laser Energy 0.2+ mJ
Pulse Repetition Rate SS - 10 Hz
Laser Pulse Width ≈ 5 ns
Raw Beam Diameter 0.21 x 0.31 mm
Beam Divergence ≈ 7 x 10 mrad
Laser Head Size (in inches) 0.4 x 0.6 x 1.2
Laser Head Size (in cm) 1.02 x 1.52 x 3.05
Laser Head Weight ≈ 9 g
Laser Operational Temperature -40 to +71 C
Laser Storage Temperature -55 to +90 C
Electrical Requirements 2 V, 8.5 A, < 6 ms
Conductive Cooling Requirements < 1 W
Integrated Photodiode? No